Sunday, September 10

Blogging By Mail

A few weeks ago I found out about the Blogging By Mail project, this round organised by Stephanie from The Happy sorceress. The rules are simple:

Food bloggers from all over the world swap treats, baked good, recipes and more, sending a care package to a new friend. Cookies, cakes, jellies, breads, candies, teas and coffees, music, cookbooks, photos... Everyone who joins in will be given a swap partner to whom they'll send a package and you can fill your package with whatever you want to share.

Of course I immediately signed up - looking very forward to carefully put together my parcel, and not to forget, to receive my own little something (!)

My own parcel to send turned out to be very Dutch. I filled it with all kinds of things I love, but also tought of adding a lot of local Dutch stuff, things that would be completely new and unavailable on the other side of the globe.
Well, my package has just began its very long journey to its final destination. Please Mr. Postman; be nice and look out a bit for it, handle it with care so it will survive the shipping…!

And what a surprise was waiting for me last night…(!)

After a very long day at work - I just started my new job working in the kitchen of a grand café/restaurant. - but this is really a different story… - I got home and found waiting for me…

MY PARCEL!! *whoe-hoe…!*

I wasn’t expecting it to be here so soon at all, but was very happy and excited - I instantly forgot my tiredness and opened anxiously my parcel…

O, and what a wonderful and beautiful stuff where inside! It turned out to come from Mademoiselle Differentiell out of Switzerland and she wrote a lovely letter, which I really enjoyed reading, where she a bit explained what she had send and why.

This is what I got;

Not one, not two, but three chocolate bars out of Switzerland! She had read on my blog that I like hazelnuts so she chose a hazelnuts-bar (isn’t that thoughtful??) and two extra fine dark ones…

A bottle of Rivella - Rivella is a soft drink and comes originally from Switzerland, but is actually being widely exported to many countries; including the Netherlands (!) So unfortunately I already knew it, but I like the gesture! =)

And last, but certainly not least, she added some delicious self-made goodies: a jar of dandelion marmalade which she has made quite often since kindergarten, Nidelzalte - caramel candies and sables. Of course far more than you can see on the photograph, but I couldn’t help it and started sampling…- quickly this was all that was left to photograph. I absolutely loved them! And I think Mademoiselle Differentiell had foreseen this a bit, because she added three nice little cards where she had written on the recipes! =)

Thank you for the lovely thoughtful presents M.D., I loved everything and can’t wait to try the Dandelion Marmalade on toast for breakfast tomorrow!

Now, I have just one little question remaining…
Where can I sign up for the next round of Blogging By Mail??! ;)


Mlle Différentielle said...

Hi Julia!

I love to read that you like my package! :D And I'm glad to hear that not all of the sablés got broken - I don't have too much confidence in the postal service;)
I'm sorry for the Rivella. I actually was told that you can buy it exclusively in Switzerland, as I wrote you :(. ... Well, Swiss patriotism...;)
Yesterday I tried to bake your perfect scone - I'll soon give you a feedback and write a post!

Mlle Différentielle

gilly said...

What wonderful gifts to receive!