Wednesday, November 22

Going Dutch: Koekje

In Holland there are just a few really good, legendary, patissiers.
Two of them are Cees Holtkamp and Kees Raat.
They are both really different and yet the same;
Cees Holtkamp started in Amsterdam in 1969 and is famous for his simple, straightforward and traditional approach to baking.
Kees Raat opened his ‘Unlimited Delicious’ in Amsterdam 15 years ago and became known for his originality and uniqueness.
These two masters are now combined in one beautiful little book: Koekje. (Cookie)

I can’t believe Koekje wasn’t here earlier - it’s indispensable.
The concept is brilliant; Holtkamp wrote down his (50!) recipes for all the classic Dutch cookies, - such as stroopwafels, Arnhemse Meisjes, Goudse Moppen and Jan Hagel… - and Kees Raat gave each cookie his own, creative twist and came up with 50 brand new cookies as Chocolate Blini’s, Javaanse Jongens and Zeeschuim (!)

Koekje is a clear-cut, beautiful book with on every single page a picture.
I love that I now finally have a book where all the recipes for good Dutch cookies are bound together.
And I’ve discovered so many new, which are in fact old, recipes(!)
Who still knows how a Haarlems Halletje or Nonnenscheetje taste?
And Haagsche Wind??
Haagsche Wind (Wind of the Hague) dates all the way back to 1880. Living in The Hague and never having tried it - how could I not make it?

(Plus it was a wonderful opportunity to use my new pastry bag from la Bovida that I still hadn’t used since my trip to Paris…!)

Haagsche Wind is a sweet little meringue cookie with cute looking almonds on top. It’s one lovely cloudy bite: crunchy on the outside and soft and airy inside.
Meringues are well loved in my family.
I once tried to make meringues, but it didn’t work out so well - this recipe however, is a keeper.

99 recipes left in ‘Koekje’…what will I make next?

Haagsche Wind
- 3 egg whites
- 150g (¾ cup) finely granulated sugar
- 100g (½ cup) confectioner’s sugar, sifted
- 100g (1 cup) almonds, lightly roasted and roughly chopped

1. Preheat oven to 120° C (248° F) and line one baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. Beat, with an electric mixer, egg whites until frothy. Gradually add granulated sugar and mix until well blended. Beat in the confectioner’s sugar carefully until the mixture is white and glossy.

3. Fill pastry bag (with a 2cm, 1 inch tip) with the mixture and drop little dots on the prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle with the roasted almonds and bake for 20 minutes until set. Let cool completely before enjoying and store in an airtight container.

Vijzelgracht 15
1017 HM Amsterdam

Unlimited Delicious
Haarlemmerstraat 122
1013 EX Amsterdam


Helene said...

That sounds like a great book! I am waiting for the remaining 99 recipes!

Asha said...

Those cookies look like clouds and so yummy:))Great job, Julia!

Have a great weekend:)

evan said...

hello julia, thanks for dropping by my blog! yours is really awesome too...check out those meringues of yours. they look fantastic! and, you're very pretty =)

Angie said...

Love the sprinkling of nuts on these pretty petite meringues :)

Paz said...

Your cookies look terrific! And the bakers you have mentioned (and their book) sounds very special!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Sara said...

What a great sounding book; those cookies look delicious (and sort of healthy too!)

Ash said...

I'm definitely buying that book. Thanks for reviewing it! I need to know how to make all these Dutch cookies - my boys might marry a Dutch girl one day :)

Ana said...

wow, 100 recipes?! that's a whole lot of cookies...

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Those dutch goodies look absolutely fabulous I want to try them so badly! And what a cool book to have :) Nice blog!

foodkitty said...

Despite your camera teething problems, this is such a gorgeous blog!
Wonderful food photos, great production values.
VERY jealous..and the Wind of the Hague look mouthwatering.

Julia said...

Hi helene! Yes, I’m so happy I have it! Haha, all 100 (!)...oh yes, that would be goood…=)

Thanks Asha! These are the first clouds at with I’m not afraid it starts raining! ;)
you too have a great weekend! …but I think that will be no problem ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment Evan - you got me all blushing! =)

Hi Angie! Me too, I always nibble the sprinkling off….yum!

Thanks Paz!

Hi Sara, haha sure! nuts: good, egg: good, sugar: gooood…;)

Hi Ash - glad you liked it! But you must know it’s only in Dutch…(!)
But perhaps one recipe at a time here on my blog? =)

Hi Ana - indeed! Cookie-heaven…

Thank you yummie dummie! A great book indeed - but also a bit stressful - what do I have to make next? So much choice! ;)

Hi Foodkitty, thank you for your sweet comment! That’s so nice to hear! =)

Ivonne said...

Okay ... now you've made me want to go to Holland!

Marieke said...

Hi Julia,

As a real Dutch cookie girl I must have this book too! And I know Kees must be something special!


keiko said...

what adorable looking meringues!

eliza said...

is this book in Dutch language? sounds very terrific, and indonesian has jan hagel recipe, though i don't know if it's the original recipe.

Julia said...

Haha, you should Ivonne! Fun! ;)

Hoi Marieke, do you know Kees Raat in person?? Wow…
I love this book, it’s really a keeper - it has all the Dutch classics!

Thanks Keiko! :)

Hi Eliza, yes - it’s (sadly) completely in Dutch. Hmm. Never heard of that. And is it tasty? : )