Wednesday, August 23

Five things to eat before you die...

Perhaps you have already heard about this great meme which is going round invented by Melissa from The Traveler’s Lunchbox, the “Things to Eat before You Die” also known as “The Foodblogger’s Guide to the Globe”.
For this exciting project she asks follow bloggers worldwide, to make a list of their five most amazing, most special, tastiest food experience that they think everyone should once try in their lives. Very happy and honored to be tagged by Aun a.k.a. Chubby Hubby, I’ll now present you MY list of Thing You Must have Eaten At Least Once Before You Die…

1. Ganache truffles
Nothing beats a ganache truffle. I’ve been privileged to have sampled many bonbons and other delicious chocolate creations, from Wittamer to Fauchon, and although these are very outstanding and magnifique, I simply can’t live without ganache truffles. Only a ganache truffle has that ultimately richness and deep, bitter chocolate taste which is so addictive and makes it a thing you’ll definitely have to eat before you die…

2. Laduree’s "Club Champs-Elysées"
Their famous macarons didn’t make the cut; see point 1. plus the fact that I may only list five, but Laduree’s Club Sandwich Champs-Elysées – toast with dried tomatoes, eggplant, grilled courgette, mozzarella, black olives, pine nuts, parmesan and rosemary and basil. Served with a simple mixed salad using very good quality olive oil, and Laduree’s French fries (a.k.a delicious crunchy potatochips…) – certainly did. Sounds maybe a bit strange to go to one of the best chocolatiers and order a sandwich, but try it and I know you’ll agree with me. It’s already a year ago that me and my mum ordered this delicious lunch, we went for my birthday to Paris for a weekend, and Paris was of course amazing. Since then I often think back to it and has it became one of my dearest memories.

3. kruidnootjes (ginger nuts)
Kruidnoten are a Dutch traditional candy and are being eaten for The Saint Nicolas Feast. In October the shops are suddenly loaded with them, even special brands, you can get them fresh from every bakery and behind each display-window you can see pictures from the Saint and his kruidnootjes for the children. It’s every time again special to receive them after a year waiting. These little crunchy cookies are full with flavour and it’s hard to stop eating.

4. my family recipe for oliebollen (doughnut balls)
Oliebollen are being made for the celebration of New Year’s Eve and you eat them with lots and lots of icing sugar. You can make them your self, but almost everyone simply buys them from a street booth. I find this every year again so remarkable; they’re over priced and the quality varies a lot - often they are old, greasy and tasteless. Our family recipe is on the other hand the best; every year we adapt it a little trying to get an even better bunch and we pack them with raisins, apple and citron. They are delicious. It’s a true tradition to make them and I can’t imagine starting the year without them. Of course you’ll find the recipe on January 1st on my blog…

5. The Liquid Lounge’s "Honey and Chili Prawn Skewer" in Puerto Banus, Spain.
Food always tastes better when you’re on holiday but this was without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I’ve seriously considered jumping on a plain to go back. We were there on vacation and noticed right away this little, English bar/restaurant with their big leather chairs inside and nice relax atmosphere. It is already some time ago but I can still remember the lovely ambiance and the distinct, different flavors of my dish. The prawn skewer was served with Italian Noodle, peanuts, red pepper and a coriander salad. Sweet, spicy, soft, crunchy, hot, cold…; definitely a deserved spot on the list…

Okay, now it’s time to ask some other people worldwide for their list/experiences and am I supposed to tag again five bloggers, but feel free to join and share your list as a comment, I’m really curious for the outcome…!

- Anne from Anne’s food – Stockholm
- Mary from Alpineberry – San Francisco
- Nicky and Oliver from Delicious Days – Munich
- Jocelyn from KUIDAORE – Singapore
- Gilly from Humble Pie – Canada


Dave said...

Hello Julia,
Great list you have here!
I linked to your site from Melissa's and I must say your blog looks great! Like the way you write.
Keep it up! :)

Cattie said...

O, yummy!
You make me as well want to jump on a plane to that Liquid Lounge, sounds great! And what a nice holiday pic! I’ll certainly invent my own list too - will keep you posted...!

christine said...

Hi Julia! Very nice list! I agree wholeheartedly about the ganache, and you have me yearning to try everything else especially the ginger nuts and the honey and chili prawn skewer... YUM!

Did you take all the pictures on your blog? They're beautiful, you have great talent. I will definitely be checking in often. :)

Julia said...

Thanks Dave! =)

Hey Cattie, haha, I know the feeling...great you’re going to make your own list! Definitely want to read it!

Hi Christine, yes, same here! Only prepare yourself; I will assure that you’ll be hooked if you’ve tried them... =)
Yes, I took all the pictures. Thank you so much for your comment, that is very nice to hear =)

lobstersquad said...

HI Julia: can´t wait for january 1st. in the meantime, I might try the Puerto Banus prawns, if I´m ever dow there. mouthwatering list.

Jen said...

Hi Julia--

I agree with you on the superlativeness of a really good dark chocolate truffle. They make both dark and milk chocolate ones here, and I can't get myself to warm to the milk chocolate kind. Too much sugar, not enough chocolate.

And easy to make, too--though probably not as good as the ones at Fauchon....

I'm looking forward to that oliebollen recipe--I love donuts, hot from the fryer.


Kevin said...

Spanish food simply doesn't receive the attentio it deserves.

ana said...

Hi Julia, Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope to try the food on your list one day. =D

Julia said...

Hey Lobstersquad, Thank you! haha, I can't wait either, yum yum yum...

Hi Jen, I totally agree, I also wouldn't get a milky one...where is the kick in that, right??

Kevin, you're absolutely right! =)

Hello Ana! I hope that as well...=)

Mae said...

What a delicious list! I'm loving the sound of Honey and Chili Prawn Skewers!

What a lovely photo of you :)

joey said...

I love oliebollen! I tried it in Amsterdam and it was love at first bite :) Of course, living in the Philippines, I can't find it here...but I found a recipe and made them myself...I thought I was going to pass out from happiness :)

I'll wait for the recipe!

sam said...

I know a man who had a sandwich at laduree, I would never have any regrets about ordering it again.

Julia said...

hi Mae,
Thanks!'s taken already a while ago, but I love that I’m all tanned there! ;)
your list looks as well very mouth-watering; I’m really interested in that Laksa Lemak - looks delicious!

Hi Joey, haha; 'love at fist bite' =) I completely agree!
maybe even better you don't have oliebollen in the Philippines; it will definitely keep you from the bad ones (!)
And, what I’m really curious about…how did they turn out?? love at second bite?? =)

Hi Sam, absolutely loved your Laduree post (!) beautiful pictures and writing. That pink patisserie creation looks indeed very delicious, sweet and sinful…=)