Tuesday, August 29

I present...

Without much further a due, I now present to you
my brand new, stunning little baby, the most valuable possession I have…

My beautiful new Dell Inspiron 1300 Notebook (!)

It feels a bit strange to sit here, by the way very comfortable, on the coach typing up this short post. This is such a luxury after the many hours I spend on the (a lot less comfortable) wooden chair behind my desk. I’m still a bit taken aback from this, for me, very expensive purchase - I’m at once completely broke…- but I'm above all just really, really happy. I LOVE it!

I’m just going to play a bit with it right now, figure some handy things out and learn a few things about it. This might take some time because I’m not, how shall I put it, a real computer expert… - maybe you’ve noticed my attempt to put categories on my blog, which are STILL un-linkable…if anyone knows how to solve this problem by the way, don’t be shy and please share your secret! - =)

So from now on, only posts from this little wire-less beauty… =)



Anonymous said...

hi julia,
oh how wonderfull to finily have your own little computer!
I've been following your blog for quit some time now, and I must say I think you are just fantastic! every week you write even better, and when I think : wow better than this is not possible...you do it better! beautiful pictures and great recepies! sarah (by the way....can't wait for your oliebollen!!)

bea at La tartine gourmande said...

Congrats! I bet it must make you feel pleased!

Julia said...

thanks Saar! =) wow, you're so nice (!)
great to hear (...read) that you're a true follower!

hi Bea, yep: very, very pleased (!) =)

Fanny said...

Hi Julia - that's a stunning laptop.
Regarding the categories, after years (well maybe a little less) of strugling i decided to abandon!


gilly said...

Congrats on the new laptop! New toys are so much fun!

AK said...

Hi Julia, welcome to food blogging! You may well be the youngest yet! And you're doing a beautiful job, truly. I'm glad you're going "Surprise Inside" for Sugar High Friday. Maybe something very Dutch! Alanna

Helene said...

I got a new one too! I am having so much fun posting from wherever I want! and I am broke too now, but I needed a computer. So sister in "brokeness", "congrats".
I love your blog and how mature your writing is, thnaks for visiting mine!

Julie said...

Hi, Julia,

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your new computer looks swell!

I use a desktop but lust for a wireless laptop. I'm most envious!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Happy Blog Day Julia! I've picked your site as one of my five new faves.

Your new laptop looks great too. Comfortable blogging is definitely a must!

Julia said...

Hi Fanny, yes I’m as well beginning to lose hope a bit… =S

Thanks Gilly! true; very fun! and everyday I discover all kinds of new gadgets on it...=)

Hi ak! yes, I’m really looking forward, but still in the search for the ultra surprise-recipe...!
wow, the youngest! don't I win a price already for that??? ;)

Eey sister (!) Yes, it's such a luxury, I love it! thank you for your comment, that's really nice to hear =)

Hi Julie! nice to see you on my blog! haha, yes, it's indeed a real difference. (luckily!)

YEEEH, what a nice surprise (!)
I’m listed for Helen’s blogday’s list of new interesting blogs! I’m so honoured! =D
Thank you Helen, this is really encouraging =)